GOOP Interview and Podcast with Dr. James Doty

Miracles from a Magic Shop

We’ll call James Doty’s unlikely personal story miraculous, but he’s an atheist (who is best friends with the world’s great spiritual leaders). Doty, who had a challenging childhood, learned a few lessons—in a magic shop—at the age of twelve that changed his life forever. One was how to manifest, which set him on a course to becoming a successful neurosurgeon, Stanford professor, and wealthy entrepreneur. But it wasn’t until he went bankrupt and lost it all that he felt like he had gained everything.

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How Compassion Could Be the Cure for Chronic Stress

This much we know: Taking deep breaths relieves stress in your body; compassion relieves stress in your relationships. Both are psychophysiological phenomena. But what we’re learning beyond that may have far more global consequences. Current research led by James Doty, MD, suggests that the intersection of stress, mindfulness, and compassion has major implications not only for individual and relationship health but for the broader health of our communities. 

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