Mind and Its Potential

Here Dr. Doty speaks at the Mind and Its Potential 2012 conference. Not long ago, science had the notion that the capacity of the brain was fixed. We had what we were born with and past early adulthood, it was all downhill. However, the science of neuroplasticity has completely changed all that. Your brain is like a muscle – your mind can be trained to improve intelligence, learn new skills, be kinder, be happier and be more content. For 10 years now, Mind & Its Potential has been at the forefront of this amazing new frontier of science.

The Effect of Loving-Kindness on our Hearts and Minds

In this talk, Prof James Doty will take us through the influence of loving-kindness on the body and mind, how it can benefit not only others around us, but also the individual in powerful ways. Together with the Founder and Director of the Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education (CCARE) at Stanford University, let us discover how loving-kindness can actually change our physical health and well-being. What can we do today and every day to cultivate loving-kindness, compassion, and happiness in our lives?

Business and Compassion, Part 2

In my previous blog regarding stress in the workplace, I discussed the deleterious effects of stress on job performance and health. But how can this be done? Clearly, the solution is bringing into balance the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. By increasing the tone of the parasympathetic nervous system and decreasing the tone of the sympathetic nervous system, we are brought into true balance. This is done through compassion.

The power of compassion and importance of the work of CCARE

Dr. James Doty, speaks on the power of compassion and importance of the work of CCARE. CCARE investigates methods for cultivating compassion and promoting altruism within individuals and society through rigorous research, scientific collaborations, and academic conferences. In addition, CCARE provides a compassion cultivation program and teacher training as well as educational public events and programs.