Lessons from the Magic Shop

Publication date for Dr. Doty's first audio-learning course: January 8, 2019.

We each possess an extraordinary power to realize our greatest potential and live the life we want. Dr. James Doty is living proof, as so many readers of his bestseller Into the Magic Shop will attest. Having grown up in an environment of poverty and neglect, James Doty was 12 years old when he walked into a magic shop and met an extraordinary woman who introduced him to a series of teachings that changed the trajectory of his life. With Lessons from the Magic Shop, Dr. Doty offers an in-depth training program with the same transformational practices that helped him overcome great odds en route to becoming a renowned neurosurgeon, neuroscientist, and one of today’s leading voices on the power of love and compassion.

In his first audio-learning course, the innovative Stanford professor shares guided exercises, visualization practices, and inspiring teachings to help us master four central techniques: relaxing the body to become present and honor our highest values, training the brain through meditation and mindfulness, opening the heart to foster true connection, and clarifying our intentions as we navigate the journey of our lives.